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Taffy Books stems from the more than thirty-year experience of editors specialized in childhood publishing


It is well-known that producing books is a challenging profession. And if it were possible, creating books for children is even more difficult. It requires the ability to think as a child, yet act as an adult, with care, foresight and respect – because the world of children “is made of the same substance as dreams”.
For this reason (and many others, too), Taffy Books is the expression of intelligence, knowledge, and diverse experiences, whose common denominator is the child’s emotional world and his development of relationships.
A team of child psychologists, elementary school teachers, and pedagogues, together with authors and illustrators, all contribute with their professional knowledge and daily activities in the children’s world.
Precision, scientific accuracy, emotional commitment, all together giving voice in the best possible way to the wonderful world of children.

Our Golden Rule

Daily poetry, or the magic of life in its every day expressions.
Simple books inspired by love and craftsmanship, created to promote education and interaction. Taffy Books: a small, yet vibrant paper bridge between children and their parents. A colorful way to grow together.Conigli3
Taffy Books specializes in books for children up to six years of age.
The basic concept behind each Taffy Books publishing project is the transition from objective to subjective. This change of perspective is the key factor in representing an authentic world of childhood, seeing the world through the eyes of children and respecting their feelings… books that are authentically made-to-measure.
The objective of our task is to capture the intimacy of a child’s thoughts, presenting a world in tune with his psychology, where the narration is always focused on his emotions and daily experiences.
Conigli4Our books are educational, supported by a simple narrative: a “little story” to facilitate a child’s emotional and cognitive journey.
From the very beginning, the philosophy behind our idea has been to make books that children would perceive as a “true object” or a “true character”. Books to play with, as well as to learn from, through the story of the object or character they represent. Books with multiple subjects and with more importance given to the character itself than to the background imagery, providing a greater focus on subjective emotion than on objective description. The accurate and detailed paper engineering, die-cut lines, and specific color separation processmake Taffy Books genuinely unique.